About LMS Co., Ltd.

LMS supplies a wide range of products for life science, biotech and medical market along with application and technical services. LMS sources products from both domestic and foreign countries and supplies products to swiftly meet customer's daily need. The three major polices of our company are "Reliance, "Reliablity" and "Steady".

Foundation of Company: December 1985

The president Mr Koichiro Asahina, established a company (CSI Japn) as a subsidiary company in Tokyo, Japan, by accepting the request from the President of Criticare Systems Inc. in USA. In 1990, the function as a subsidiary company was turned back to the Criticare Systems USA and the company's name was changed to current name LMS CO., LTD. (Laboratory & Medical SUpplies) to expand the product line to customers. This business operation is continuing to the present time.


Head Office

3-6-7, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan



Koichiro Asahina, President

Hiroo Hirano, manager of Sales Dept.

Takahiro Ishitobi, Manager of Gemeral Affairs Dept.

Nobuaki Ishii, Manager of International Dept.

Michihiro Takekawa, Auditor


298 millions in Japanese Yen


160 (Decmebr, 2010)


Import and Export, wholesale of products including consumables in Scientific Research field.

Import and Wholesale of products including consumable in Medical field.

Import and Wholesale of products for drug discovery and high throughput screening.

Import and Wholesale of animal experimental/research products

Import and Wholesale of reagents

Annual Sales

10,094 miilion in Japanese Yen (approx US$121.6 million)

(25th Fisical Year, Sept/21/2009 to Sept/20/2010)

LMS Organization Structure

President: Koichiro Asahina

Admin: 3

Sales Staff

Tokyo: 23 (including 11 sales/demo staffs)

Osaka: 13 (including 5sales/demo staffs)

Nagoya: 5 (including 1 sales/demo staff)

kyoto: 2 (including 1 sales/demo staff)

Numazu: 2 (including 1 sales/demo staff)

Tsukuba: 3 (including 1 sales/staff)

Fukuoka: 6 (including 3 sales/demo staffs)

Okinawa: 4 (including 1 sales/demo staff)

Sendai: 2 (including 1 sales/demo staff)

Sapporo: 3 (including 1 sales/demo staff)


Tokyo: 6

Osaka: 3

Scientific Instrument Sales: 5

Technical staff: 16

Diagnostic Instrument Sales: 10

International Div.: 5

(Import and Int'l sales)

Accounting Dept.:5

General Affairs Div.: 4

Information System Dept.: 6

Domestic Purcahse Div.: 6

Stock Management Div.: 3

Tokyo Logistic Center: 7

Nagoya Logistic Center: 10



Asahina Co., Ltd. Central Warehouse in Nagoya

Stock space 2,000 squares meters (70,600 squares feets)

Technical center with professional staffs

President: Koichiro Asahina

We ask customers and dealers to visit our demonstartion laboratory in the head office and test products to let them know the performance of the products through their own eyes. We have engineers and application specialists to provide maintenance and validation service.

Basic Policy

- To supply the cutting-edge technology as s distributor of foreign manufacturer.

We use our global information network to find the newest technology.

- To be wholesaler which can support users with our expertise in hardware and application.

- To be a convenient wholesaler answer the need of local dealers.

Product Range


- Liquid handling and robotics products

- Biological experiment products
- Pharmacology, Physiological products
- Drug discovery products
- Plastic disposable wares

Animal research and experiment products

- Phamacology, Physiological experiment products (e.g. Ugo Basile, Millar Instruments, etc.)

Medical Technolog

- Blood examination products

- Pathological examination products
- Bacteriological examination products

Sanitary Reasearch of Food

- Microbiological examination products

- Environmental Hygiene examination products


Dec. 1985 Koichiro Asahina established CSI Japan, K.K. 2-27-3B, Motomura-cho, Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan in accordance with the request of establishment of sales company in Japan by the president of Criticare Systems. Inc. in USA. The capital is 0.4 million in Japanese Yen.
June. 1988 Increase of capital investment to 5.0 millions in Yen.
Sept. 1988 Relocation of heaf office to 3-6-11, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Dec. 1989 Opening of Osaka branch office
Mar. 1991 Opening of Nagoya warehouse
Apr. 1991 In accordance with the increase of sales and product range, changed the company's name ( as trading company for scientific and medical field) to LMS CO., LTD.
Sept. 1991 Increase of capital investment to 35.0 millions in Yen.
Jan. 1992 Relocation of head office to 1-22-10, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 1993 Increase of capital investment to 35.0 millions in Yen.
Mar. 1994 Reloction of Osaka branch office to the current office.
Jul. 1994 Opening of Nagoya branch office
Sept. 1994 Relocation of head office to 2-2-19, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Mar. 1998 Increase of capital investment to 80.0 millions in Yen.
Aug. 1999 Increase of capital investment to 140.0 millions in Yen.
Jan. 2000 Increase of capital investment to 198.0 millions in Yen.
Jan. 2001 Reloction of Head office to the current office.
Jan. 2001 Opening of Numazu branch office
Jan. 2001 Increase of capital investment to 220.0 millions in Yen.
Oct. 2001 Opening of Tsukuba and Fukuoka branch office
Jan. 2002 Opening of Okinawa branch office
Feb. 2002 Increase of capital investment to 260.0 millions in Yen.
Jul. 2003 Opening of Sapporo branch office
Nov. 2003 Moved Nagoya branch office and logistic center to Komaki-city, Aichi pref.
Mar. 2004 Opening of Kyoto branch office
Dec. 2004 Opening of Sendai branch office
May. 2007 Increase of capital investment to 298.0 millions in Yen.
Jul. 2007 Opening of Tokyo logistic center
Oct. 2008 Estabishment of DS Div.